Promotional Videos

    What are VHS promo tapes?

VHS promo tapes are supplied by record companies to radio and television stations, and sometimes to record stores, for promotional purposes and are not for sale.

    Why use VHS tapes?

VHS tapes were used to promote forthcoming releases, in many cases singles (music videos). But in some cases they were also used as trailers (Like the WTLO trailer).

    Are they rare?

It seems that all forms of video promos are in some way or another rare. Since they are only given away to media, and record stores. And that they tend not to pop up on auction sites like Ebay too often.
So far I have got over 40 VHS promo tapes, and many of them I have only seen once on Ebay.

    A new format.

In the later years the VHS promos has been replaced by DVD-R promos, as the dvd has a much better sound and picture quality.
The latest Nirvana VHS promos I have found is the In Bloom (Sub Pop version) made by Ascent Media for Polydor. and a vhs trailer for the With The Lights Out box set called "ALTERNAVISION #124".
Both of these video tapes were made in 2004.